13 06 / 2017

On 15-16 of June our office will be closed

Joint Technical Secretariat of the 2014-2020 Programme kindly informs that on 15-16 of June 2017 our office will be closed.

12 06 / 2017

Regional consultations for projects finalised

On 6-9 June the team of Joint Technical Secretariat experts provided individual consultations in the regions.

05 06 / 2017

Programme stand during the European Funds Open Days

The promotional stand of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland – Belarus – Ukraine was awaiting visitors on Saturday 20th May at the Rzeszow-Jasionka International Airport amid the European Funds Open Days.

05 06 / 2017

Simplified requirements for feasibility study

In order to enhance the process of preparation of Full Application Forms (FAF), and due to emerging questions the requirements for feasibility study have been simplified.

31 05 / 2017

Manual on fraud prevention

The Managing Authority (MA) being responsible for putting in place effective and proportionate anti-fraud measures has elaborated the Manual with tips and recommendations as to actions to prevent, identify, and respond to suspicions of fraud in Programme and project implementation.

30 05 / 2017

Working on several full application forms in the generator

With reference to frequently asked question on the way how is it possible to work in the generator on several full application forms simultaneously, please be informed that there is no such possibility.

29 05 / 2017

Projects invited to the second stage of the 1st Call for Proposals within Accessibility and Borders

The Project Selection Committee took decision on the results of the assessment of the Concept Notes from next two Thematic Objectives: Accessibility and Borders submitted within the 1st Call for Proposals.

26 05 / 2017

Results of Cross-Border School Competition “Let’s Preserve the Cultural Heritage Together!” (in regard to Belarusian and Ukrainian schools)

We are pleased to inform that the teams from the following schools scored the most points and will be invited to the final event of the school competition within the European Cooperation Day:

25 05 / 2017

European Commission approved all Project Summaries of Large Infrastructure Projects

The first stage of the selection process of Large Infrastructure Projects (LIPs) has been finalised with the approval of the European Commission of Project Summaries of all ten LIPs.

24 05 / 2017

Schedule of individual consultations with beneficiaries

The Joint Technical Secretariat encourages the lead beneficiaries invited to the second stage of the first call for proposals to take part in individual consultations on the preparation of the Full Application Form.

22 05 / 2017

Trainings on preparation of Full Application Form finalised

The Joint Technical Secretariat has conducted the series of trainings dedicated to preparation of the full application form (FAF) by lead beneficiaries within thematic objectives Heritage and Security.

22 05 / 2017

Simplified requirements for beneficiaries

In order to enhance the process of preparation of Full Application Forms (FAF), the Managing Authority and the Joint Technical Secretariat have prepared a series of simplifications. The changes concern the list of annexes which are to be submitted together with the full application form on the second step of the call for proposals.

12 05 / 2017

Trainings for beneficiaries invited to the second stage of the 1st Call for Proposals

Joint Technical Secretariat would like to inform all potential Beneficiaries invited to the second stage of the 1st Call for Proposals that we have completed registration for the trainings on Full Application Form.

11 05 / 2017

The deadline for submissions for participation of Polish schools in the ECDay Competition extended!

We would like to inform that the submission deadline for Polish schools from the eligible area of the Programme in the ECDay Competition „Let’s Preserve the Cultural Heritage Together!” has been extended to 9th June. Accordingly, the date of announcement of the Polish results has been moved to 20th June.

10 05 / 2017

The Call for Assessors has been completed

On April 28 we have completed the call for assessors who will be involved in the assessment process for the project applications submitted under the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020.

10 05 / 2017

Generator for the Full Application Form

We kindly inform you that all Beneficiaries invited to the second stage of the Call for proposals will soon receive by e-mail a pre-filled file with Full Application Form with information originated from the Concept Note .

08 05 / 2017

Meeting of universities with European Funds

On April 25, 2017 in Lviv National Ivan Franko University the seminar on European funds and cross-border cooperation was held.

08 05 / 2017

Trainings for potential beneficiaries in Belarus

The Joint Technical Secretariat of the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Programme (JTS) invites Belarusian potential beneficiaries to participate at trainings devoted to national procedures of approval, registration and realization of ITA projects in Belarus.

04 05 / 2017

We invite you to share your 2007-2013 experiences

We encourage Beneficiaries to share experiences in project implementation. The European Commission has prepared an on-line evaluation questionnaire for the Cross-Border Cooperation ENPI Programs 2007-2013, which should be completed by 23rd May 2017.

28 04 / 2017

Projects accessible for everyone

Over the period 2014-2020 the considerable attention will be paid to ensure the accessibility of activities and effects of projects co-financed by EU funds for persons with various degrees of ability.