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Summer radio broadcasts about the projects

21 / 08 / 2023
Category: Programme News

On the beach, on the trail or in the kayak - you will soon be able to listen to summer radio broadcasts about the effects of cross-border projects implemented in the Programme area. They may become an inspiration to visit new places during your tourist expeditions! The radio reports were recorded with representatives of the PROFolk, Rosettes, BugCuisine, TwoTowers and TowersMysteries projects, and will air on Tuesday, 22nd August on the following Polish stations:

  • RDC „Radio dla Ciebie” approx. 11.00 (CEST) – broadcast about the PBU2/0909/18 project (PROFolk) „Development of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation based on cultural heritage”;
  • Polskie Radio Rzeszów” approx. 13.00 (CEST) – broadcast about the PBU1/0365/16 project (Rosettes) „The World of Carpathian Rosettes – Activities for Preserving the Cultural Uniqueness of the Carpathians”;
  • Polskie Radio Białystok” approx. 13.40 (CEST) – broadcast about the PBU3/1036/20 project (BugCuisine) „Culinary traditions of Bug river region”;
  • Polskie Radio Lublin” between 17.00 and 19.00 (CEST) – broadcast about the PBU1/0746/16 projects (TwoTowers) „New life of the old city: revitalization of monuments of historical and cultural heritage of Lutsk and Lublin” and PBU3/1086/20 (TowersMysteries) „ Two towers mysteries: promotion of medieval fortifications of Lutsk and Lublin through the innovative technologies”.

Replays of the reports will also be available later on the Programme's fan page.

Enjoy listening!

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