27 02 / 2018

Transport week: how to improve the transport practices

On 8 March, a representative of the Programme will participate in a side event at the Transport Week (6-8 March) in Gdańsk.

23 02 / 2018

Educational Campaign for schools launched!

We are happy to announce the start of our Educational Campaign for Schools within EC Day 2018.

19 02 / 2018

Another grant contract of the Programme 2014-2020 signed

On 17 th February in Przemyśl, Deputy Minister of Economic Development Adam Hamryszczak signed another grant contract which will be implemented under the Thematic Objective Heritage.

19 02 / 2018

The Programme will organize a scientific conference

We invite to actively participate in in the International Scientific Conference entitled “Professor Benedykt Dybowski – an outstanding researcher of common natural heritage of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine”.

16 02 / 2018

Recognition for a beneficiary of the Programme 2007-2013 from the Association of European Border Regions

It is with the great pleasure that we inform about the recognition received by the beneficiary of the project “Together we protect the Białowieża Forest” within the Cross-Border Award „Sail of Papenburg”.

15 02 / 2018

The working translations of Grant Contract template

We kindly inform that Grant Contract template was translated into national languages which are available for download from our web-site in relevant national language (Polish, Ukrainian or Russian).

14 02 / 2018

Call for proposals under the "b-solutions" programme of the European Commission

The European Commission has announced a call for pilot projects on the elimination of border obstacles.

10 01 / 2018

Evaluation of projects under Thematic Objective SECURITY

The Joint Technical Secretariat has finalised the administrative and eligibility check of the Full Application Forms submitted within the 1st Call for proposals in the Thematic Objective SECURITY.

05 01 / 2018

The first grant contracts of the Programme 2014-2020 signed

In Rzeszów and Białystok, the first six grant contracts which will be implemented within the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Programme 2014-2020 were signed. All projects were awarded under the thematic objective Heritage.

02 01 / 2018

Beneficiaries took part in the training about public procurement law in Lublin

Almost 40 representatives of Polish beneficiaries of projects approved for co-financing under thematic objective Heritage and Large Infrastructural Projects took part in a training organized on 13th December in Lublin.

18 12 / 2017

Grant Contract template and Partnership Agreement

We kindly inform that Grant Contract template and Partnership Agreement were prepared.

18 12 / 2017

Assessors in charge of project evaluation invited to apply in Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENI CBC Programme

The Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENI CBC Programme is launching the Call for Assessors to identify and select qualified and experienced professionals to join the Programme’s Pool of Assessors.

13 12 / 2017

On 15-16 of December our office will be closed

Joint Technical Secretariat of the Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020 kindly informs that on 15-16 of December 2017 our office will be closed.

12 12 / 2017

Trainings for Information Points of the European Funds in Eastern Poland

The Rzeszów Branch Office has recently organized a series of trainings in Eastern Poland for employees of the Information Points of the European Funds network and representatives of marshal offices dealing with applicants.

08 12 / 2017

Final decision on approval of projects selected within the thematic objectives ACCESSIBILITY and BORDERS

On 7th December 2017, during the meeting in Lviv, Ukraine, the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) approved the results of the 1st Call for Proposals regarding two Thematic Objectives ACCESSIBILITY and BORDERS.

05 12 / 2017

Movie from the annual conference 2017 „Cross-border Warm-up”

We are delighted to present you the movie from the annual conference of the Programme that took place in Rzeszów on 24-25 October 2017.

23 11 / 2017

Scientific Conference of the Programme in Rzeszów and Lviv

On the 15th of November in Rzeszow and on the 17th of November in Lviv the Scientific Conference entitled “Contemporary Socio-economic Issues of Polish-Ukrainian Cross-border Cooperation” took place.

22 11 / 2017

Guidelines on expenditure verification

Please find Guidelines on expenditure verification for projects financed by the Programme.

17 11 / 2017

Reporting of irregularities

In order to facilitate contact with the Managing Authority and to protect those who report irregularities, we established the mail box where irregularities can be reported: nieprawidlowosci.EWT@mr.gov.pl

14 11 / 2017

Orły Wprost Awards presented for the best projects during the Gala in Lublin

On 7th November, during the Gala in Lublin eight projects implemented under the Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013 have been awarded the Orły Wprost 2017 Award.