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Programme indicators

Achievement of the Programme will be measured by way of objectively verifiable indicators. Taking into account the relevant provisions of the IR, the Programme includes in particular:

  • The expected results for each priority, and the corresponding result indicators, with a baseline value and a target value;
  • The output indicators for each priority, including the quantified target values, which are expected to contribute to the results.


Some of output indicators come from the ENI CBC ‘Common Output Indicators’ developed by the European External Action Service (EEAS) with the support of the Interact ENPI project in order to increase accountability and facilitate reporting on progress at instrument level.








TO Heritage – Promotion of local culture and preservation of historical heritage

Promotion of local culture and history

Number of improved cultural and historical sites as direct consequence of programme support (ENI/CBC 7)


Increased number of visitors of the historical heritage and cultural sites

0 / 16,6 [%]

Number of cross-border cultural events organized using ENI support (ENI/CBC 8)


Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

Number of cross-border events organized using programme support


Increased number of visitors of the natural heritage sites

0 / 13,1 [%]

Number of promoted and/or preserved natural sites as direct consequence of programme support


Number of persons participating in actions and awareness raising activities promoting preservation of natural heritage

5 993

TO Accessibility – Improvement of accessibility to the regions, development of sustainable and climate-proof transport and communication networks and systems

Improvement and development of transport services and infrastructure

Total length of newly built roads (ENI/CBC 26)

5,6 [km]

Decrease of travel/transportation time in the regions

0 / 7,5 [%]

Total length of reconstructed or upgraded  roads (ENI/CBC 27)

102,9 [km]

Number of districts benefitting from modernized/created transport services and infrastructure


Number of partnerships established in order to modernize/create the environmentally friendly transport systems or services


Development of ICT infrastructure

Number of partnerships established in order to develop the ICT


Increase in usage of ICT

0 / 18 [number of districts]

TO Security –  Common challenges in the field of safety and security

Support to the development of health protection and social services

Population covered by improved health services as direct consequence of the support (ENI/CBC 30)

7 890 573 [persons]

Enhanced access to health care and social services 


0 / 36,2 [%]

Population benefiting from the newly created or improved social services

27 960 [persons]

Addressing common security challenges

Population benefiting from fire protection measures services as direct consequence of the support 

3 689 232 [persons]

Reduction of waiting time for safety and security services response

13,2 / 18,4 [%]

Number of security institutions cooperating across the borders.


TO Borders – Promotion of border management and border security, mobility and migration management

Support to border efficiency and security

Number of border crossing points with increased throughput capacity (ENI/CBC 35)


Acceleration of passengers and cars border clearance 

39,5 / 40,0 [%]

Improvement of border management operations, customs and visas procedures

Increased throughput capacity of persons on land border crossing points (ENI/CBC 38)

10 200 [persons/
24 hours]

Increased efficiency of border clearance

32,5 / 41,0 [%]

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