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Branch Offices (BOs)

Branch Offices (BOs) and their functions


Following a decision of the participating countries, three BOs were set up in the participating countries in order to assist the JTS in its functions:

  1. Branch Office in Rzeszów (Poland) which shall be located in the Marshal Office of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship;
  2. Branch Office in Brest (Belarus) which shall be located in the Institution “Brest Transboundary Infocentre”;
  3. Branch Office in Lviv (Ukraine) which shall be located in the Information and Cross-border Cooperation Support Centre “Dobrosusidstvo”.


Their role may include among the others:

  • the implementation of the information and communication plan;
  • support in the organisation of the meetings of the JMC and other important Programme events;
  • collection of data to improve the monitoring of projects;
  • other tasks supporting MA and JTS in their day-to-day implementation of the Programme;
  • providing support to the NAs and CCPs in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine in performance of their tasks.


At any rate, the BOs may not be entrusted with a task involving exercise of public authority or the use of discretionary powers of judgment regarding projects. Relevant arrangements between the MA and BO shall be formally recorded in writing (service contact) based on the Procurement and Grants for European Union external actions - a Practical Guide (PRAG) applicable at the moment of the JOP adoption by the EC. This service contract will be awarded under negotiation procedure with a single tenderer on the basis of the case where, for technical reasons, the contract can be awarded only to a particular service provider.


Not more than 3 experts (one BO Head and 2 experts) will be employed in each BO. Minimum necessary qualifications of the BO experts shall be laid down in Terms of Reference.



Guide concerning the competition and procurement rules applicable for the Belarusian CCP and the Branch Offices from Ukraine and Belarus

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